Website Design

When sifting through the endless number of websites on the Internet today, it is glaringly apparent that the majority of website designers lack the knowledge for proper website optimization. It it crucial to have a strong understanding of proper coding, use of meta-tags, alt tags, and latent semantic indexing that is required to have the greatest chance forĀ  success in your local market or national market online. Although your website may look attractive, this does not typically equate to driving the optimal amount of traffic and potential consumers to your website. If you have a beautiful billboard placed in the middle of the desert, it certainly won’t garnish the attention it deserves.

Google has an ever growing and changing algorithm when it comes to their search engine rankings. The algorithm is assisted and fed by its network of spiders that travel the Internet searching for specific data to transmit back to Google’s search engine. These “spiders” are blind and don’t see how attractive your website may look. they are attracted to proper coding procedures that Google deems relevant and interesting to their client base. After all, Google is in business to please their client base, which happens to be 70 to 85% of the world’s population surfing online.

Limelight knows what it takes to rank your website ahead of the competition. With over 30 years of programming and web development experience, coupled with two decades of expert marketing experience, developing your web presence is just the beginning to the path of increased market share and increased revenues.

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