Internet Marketing

Proper internet marketing includes some of the most difficult campaigns a small business can undertake. There are an incredible amount of SEO nuances, countless techniques and strategies, a very well guarded set of tricks of the trade and frequent new discoveries that  unless you are constantly immersed in the internet marketing environment, you stand no chance in achieving any kind of steady success for your business.

Orange County has perhaps one of the largest populations of internet marketing companies in the country. If you visit any local website, they all claim to be experts at giving you what you want: first page placement on search engines. But if you peel back the layers of camouflage, you will find the same trend at every establishment: useless, barely comprehensible sub pages, connected to a main website that you don’t own, and the promise that in 60 to 90 days you will have a solid presence on the Internet. Marketing surveys have found that over 75% of business owners that partake of these companies services acquired disappointing results.

That’s why we at Limelight will prove to you that we can get you in the local search results before you spend one dime of your money. In fact, our clients dominate their category in every market that we have entered after a very short period of time. It is easy to see why so many business owners seek out Limelight to handle all of their SEO marketing needs.