Limelight Local

About Our Firm

Limelight is a collection of talented individuals who have a combined SEO, Web Development and Marketing background that spans a 30+ year history. Working together for many major corporations over the last 10 years, the principals at Limelight have enjoyed great successes in their campaigns both individually and as a whole.

Limelight Local has developed a proven plan and strategy to make a definitive and quick presence for any company’s product or service on the Internet. Due to the never ending changes Google and other search engines make to their algorithms, this knowledge evolves and changes almost daily, requiring constant observance and dedication to the task of maintaining cutting-edge search engine optimization skills. Limelight Local is extremely proud of its achievements over the last 10 years, and are excited and motivated for what the future holds.

Limelight Local is dedicated to total client satisfaction. When we attack a market on behalf of our client we know exactly what is required and what resources will be needed to accomplish the task.

Results You Can Count On

We will drive more foot traffic than even the BEST sign spinner!